The current FAQ is constantly being expanded, so please note that information can change at any time.  In addition you might want to check out our newsletter for any updates!

Our festival stands for peacefulness, consideration and tolerance. It goes without saying that violence, weapons, sexism, homophobia and racism have no place and we will expel guests who become conspicuous regarding these matters.

Persons from the right-wing or violent scene will not be admitted!

The site is quite uneven, therefore, especially with rain, we can’t guarantee accessibility.

Please leave your animals at home! In our opinion such a crowd of people as well as the loudness only causes unnecessary stress to your lovely pets.

Anyone arriving by car will need a fitting pass.  An „Auto Pass“ allows you to park your car in our parking lot, i.e. you cannot camp next to the car.
With a „Caravan RV Camper Pass“ comes your own spacious parking space directly in our designated area. In this area you can camp together with your friends and set up tables, pavilions or similar.

You will need a pass for each vehicle. You can buy this pass in your ticket account after you have registered your festival ticket.

For the sake of the environment, we kindly ask you to travel by Bassliner (no tickets available at the moment) or train.


The whole festival will be accompanied by our awareness team. You can approach the team at any time for questions and advice, especially if you feel uncomfortable. The team will deal with your concerns in a trusting manner and support you in the best possible way. If desired or necessary, you can withdraw to a designated, separate and quiet area.
Additionally we have introduced a code word that you can use at any of our counters or bars. If you ask our staff the question „Is Angela working?“ they will immediately inform the awareness team and escort you to a safe space.

The camping site next to the festival area will be open for you from Friday at 12 noon until Monday 4 pm.

Cars are not allowed on the campsite in general. We have set aside two areas for your vehicles: a parking lot (see „Auto Pass“), and an area where you can camp with your friends right next to your car (see „Caravan RV Camper Pass“).

Please be considerate of your tent neighbours. Ghetto blasters, PAs and stereos are prohibited. The campsite should be a quiet and peaceful place. In addition we need to follow noise regulations.

Make sure you leave the campsite as you found it! Please use the toilets on the campsite. Remember that every pile in the forest has to be removed by our staff and toilet paper or paper tissues are usually full of chemicals and take up to 6 months to decompose.

If you are unable to attend our festival, you have the option to cancel your purchased tickets. You can easily cancel the tickets yourself in your ticket account under „Orders“.

Please note that cancellation fees will apply. The cancellation fees are as follows:

  • More than 28 days before the start of the event: 10% of the purchase price
  • From 28 days before the start of the event 50% of the purchase price
  • From 7 days before the start of the event 90% of the purchase price.

Advance booking fees are non-refundable.


We established a cashless payment system for the festival. At the entry you get a wrist band with a chip where you can top up money on site. To avoid long waiting periods we recommend to top up at least a little amount of money before arrival.

Please note: You will need your specific ID written on the back of the chip after the festival to receive any unused amount of topped up money! That’s why we urge you to keep the wristbands even after the end of our festival.

You can charge money on your chip here.

Confetti and glitter are very difficult to remove from nature. Please therefore refrain from using both.

To ensure a safe environment for everyone during the whole festival, we’ll follow the well-working hygiene concept of Wilde Möhre Festival. Please inform yourself about the current regulations before your arrival. You can find all the important information regarding our hygiene concept here.

We have decided to impose a ban on bringing glass bottles onto the festival site, as they usually get left somewhere, get broken and cause cuts. Please also remember that we rely on income from bar sales to cover our costs. We will provide you with drinking water at all times without restriction and free of charge.
Nevertheless, please watch out for broken glass on the festival and camping grounds.

The consumption and sale of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Dealers will be immediately expelled from the premises and reported.

We officially start the our festival weekend on Friday at 4pm.

As the festival takes place in summer, there is an increased risk of forest fires. Therefore, due to official regulations, open fires and barbecues are prohibited on and surrounding the campsite. Smoking is also prohibited in the immediate vicinity of the forest.

We recommend that smokers bring pocket ashtrays. You can also use plastic champagne corks, film cans, metal cans, empty bottles or the ashtrays distributed all over the campsite. Please also remind other guests not to smoke near the forest.

If you need a plaster or something worse has happened, you will find the first aid tent directly near the festival exit. If you need any help please feel free to reach out to our staff.

We will exclusively offer various vegan and vegetarian delicacies from sweet to savoury at our festival.

We reserve the right to cancel the event in certain weather conditions where there is danger to body and health.

We support art, but please spare nature and our buildings with tags or similar scribbles. We offer enough alternatives for you to live out your creative energy.

Except for private use, image and sound recording is prohibited. Please refrain from any form of recording so that those around you do not feel disturbed by cameras or mobile phones.

Have you forgotten a little something or two? At our small shopping both on the camping ground you can buy toothbrushes, earplugs etc.

Each visitor is liable for any damage caused by themselves. There will be no replacement if the festival ribbon is lost.
We are not liable for damage caused during performances.
As organizers, our liability for our own actions and those of others is generally limited to cases of intent and gross negligence.
This does not affect the organizer’s liability for initial impossibility and the breach of essential contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations) or liability for damages arising from injury to life, limb or health due to a negligent breach of duty by the organizer, a legal representative or vicarious agent.

The location is Göritz 5, 03116 Drebkau, Brandenburg, Germany.

In the following areas parking is strictly prohibited:

  • Friedhofparkplatz in Casel
  • Umwelt- und Begegnungszentrum am Gräbendorfer See
  • in front of the Freiwillige Feuerwehr in Casel

Illegally parked cars will be towed away in cooperation with the city of Drebkau. Please follow the instructions of our staff.

We have designated parking spaces. You would like to arrive by car? Then take a look at the auto and camper pass.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via [email protected]. Nevertheless we would kindly like to ask you to take a look at our different sections in the FAQ first. Maybe some issues can already be cleared up!


Bassliner has just added us to their website. Go through them to book your seats to and from our festival site here.

If you’re taking the train to Calau, there will be a shuttle to our festival site for 4 euros each way, going back and forth on the following times.

Times for the shuttle:

  • Friday 09:00-21:00
  • Saturday 10:00-18:00
  • Sunday 10:00-21:00
  • Monday 09:00-15:00

To keep the vibe high and the disturbance of our neighbours low, we measure the noise level in the relevant areas several times during the night and adapt the sound level if necessary. Especially from Sunday to Monday we need to be respectful on this regard, we hope for your understanding. But we have the whole weekend for full-on sound, right?

Unfortunately, there will be no possibility for you to arrive spontaneously without a ticket.

In this section we will explain how to set up your account. Please pay attention to the sections linked below the text as well!

Your account is structured as follows:

  • Contact details: Here you can enter your personal contact details.
  • Distribute tickets and invite friends: Now you assign the tickets to yourself or your friends. You need to enter a name and the related mail address.
  • Credit and tickets: Here you can book all additional options. This includes pre-charge cashless amount or camper passes.
  • Orders: Click on your order if your in need of cancellation.

If possible, each person should have their own ticket account.

As soon as you have purchased your ticket, you will receive a mail from us containing the link to your ticket account. After entering your contact details, you can assign and download your ticket. You will need the issued QR code for admission. Alternatively, you can assign the tickets to your friends, who will then receive a mail with access to their own ticket accounts.

Once the personalization process is complete, it is no longer possible to change tickets to a different name and person! Please restrain from contacting us regarding this matter.

If anything is still unclear or you have further questions about ticketing, please send an email to [email protected]

Because we want the festival to be as sustainable as possible, there will be wooden eco toilets on site. But don’t panic – there are not from another age!

They do have a normal seat and instead of chemicals sawdust will take care of the smell. And guess what? It will be biodegraded to compost!

If you want to participate in some way at our festival, you can apply here.
After creating an account, click on “Helfer:in” and choose Lusatia Festival. We are looking forward to your application!

We would like to encourage you to separate your rubbish. Therefore we will provide various bins and containers on the festival  as well as the camping site.

Always remember: We are not doing this to bully you. We have chosen to help the environment and to reduce waste, as generally festivals are anything but sustainable in this aspect! You may also have noticed that we charge a small fee to compensate our greenhouse gas emissions while buying your ticket.