Birdhouse presents:
Lusatia 2020

Lusatia 2020 is the first on-site digital festival, streaming sets from local and global talent over the next few months. Live stream crew Birdhouse and Lusatia Festival invited 5 festivals to represent both their music and struggle caused by the pandemic. As all festivals have been cancelled, Lusatia and Birdhouse joined forces to create a special festival edition with the mission to draw attention to the situation caused by Covid-19. The 36-hour production was filmed on Wilde Möhre’s festival site in Drebkau (Brandenburg, Germany). Five festivals were invited to send a delegation of their artists to create an immersive, virtual happening for you to enjoy and for the festivals to highlight their culture and campaigns. This project is produced and streamed throughout the next weeks by Birdhouse. Lusatia 2020 is organized and produced by 25+ volunteers, providing long-lasting visibility to the festivals and artists in this very limiting time.


Lusatia Festival, Birdhouse, Klunkerkranich,
Berlin Live Studio &
 Wilde Möhre Festival

Festival Partners

3000 Grad
Bucht Der Träumer
Moyn Moyn
Wilde Möhre
Kiez Burn

Streaming Dates

Every Saturday from 6pm – 9pm (Berlin time),
from August 1st until fall 2020
Facebook / Youtube / Lusatia 


Acado (Monaberry)
Annett Gapstream (Bucht Der Träumer)
Arne Schattenberg (3000 Grad)
Barnabass (Rebellion der Träumer)
Bebetta (Stil vor Talent)
Bonnie Ford (Afterhour Sounds)
Bonfante (Kamai Music)
Coramoon (Dantze)
Daniele Di Martino (Get Physical)
Darin Epsilon (Perspectives Digital)
HOVR (KitKat Club)
Ilo Pan (Klunkerkranich)
Intaktogene (Wuza)
Jacob Groening (Kamai Music)
Jamiie (Watergate)
Judith Van Waterkant (Slowereastside)
Lampé (Moyn Moyn)
Lisbird (Sumpfkrüge)
Marc DePulse (How I Met The Bass)
Maka (Moyn Moyn)
Matchy (Rebellion der Träumer)
Mollono.Bass (3000 Grad)
Mona Moore (Kater Blau)
Nelken (Klunkerkranich)
Niko Schwind (Stil vor Talent)
Rauschhaus (Parquet Recordings)
Robin Schellenberg (Kamai Music)
Varuu (Slowtribe)
Yubik (Radikon)
and many more..