Lusatia Festival is paused till 2025

– please check your Emails if you have a ticket –

Statement from the Festival Crews in Göritz Regarding Recent Accusations

Dear Community,
First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your support and trust. Lusatia and all the festivals taking place in Göritz are currently being confronted by a collective via social media with serious accusations and defamatory calls.

We are aware of the subjective and false representations of facts by the collective. The intensity of these statements has reached a level where we cannot and will not leave these accusations uncommented. Therefore, we are preparing appropriate steps to defend ourselves and take a stand. However, to do this carefully and appropriately, we need some time.

We have no interest in a public “mud-slinging” match, as sought by the collective—without providing any evidence for the very crude accusations. We want to emphasize here that discussions with us have been categorically rejected. Although the collective claims to have not reached a successful outcome with their legal counsel, the allegations are becoming increasingly extreme and are apparently intentionally portrayed to cause maximum harm to those involved. We are very interested in finding a solution. Understandably, this has little chance of success when we are confronted with ever more extreme falsehoods and even personal attacks. Therefore, we are grateful to everyone who does not simply jump on this bandwagon and ask for a little patience until our statement is ready. We will respond comprehensively shortly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Your Festival Crews out of Göritz