Once upon a time, when the elements were mingling in entirely new ways, in a land which ALREADY was lying on the edge of everything long before countries existed,  a mysterious and astonishing incident took place without anyone taking notice of it.

Back then, humans in this part of the world were following the urge of their hands, searching for new, live-giving opportunities far off familiar paths. Blinded by their needs, they rushed through many regions, also passing through the land, which was no more than a maze of fuming trails leading through marshes for thousands of years. Their boots left trampled reed and a grid of footsteps leading into all directions.

The soil of this land, which had been permeable for the forces of nature before, was trodden down and thus a creature, once fickle and bustling in its nature, got trapped in its subsurface home. 
Not being able to hover through the marshes anymore and being forced to stay underground, its inner flame became tired and slowed down until its flicker occurred just once in a century.

Only a blink of an eye later, fate led humans to Lusatia, since the soil with all its trapped forces of nature now had something to offer for them. Heavy machinery wheeled over the marshes and constant scraping could be heard from far beyond, while vents and chimneys rose over the horizon.

 The creature meanwhile remained beneath the surface. Neither the droning and scraping nor what was happening above its home was able to reach it, since it was sunken so deep into the clay. 
Its tender flicker became less and less until it reached EDGE of existence.

Today, AFTER a tug on the wheel of time, the vents and chimneys are about to vanish again, opening the horizon for windmills and reducing the level of noise TO THE SCRAPING AND DRONING OF INSECTS INSTEAD OF MACHINES. 

Again, the world starts to vibrate and sounds roam over the marshes. Not made by pickaxes, BUT by bare feet gently loosening the soil. bass SOUNDS flow through the reed, making THEIR way beneath the surface.

and deep down, barely noticeable, a tender flame begins to lighten up, flickering to the rhythm of the beat.